The market size of courier and local delivery services has been steadily growing. It’s reached $112.6 billion by 2020 and doesn’t look like it’s about to decline. They must be doing something right.

Do you need a quick delivery service? Read on to learn why a local courier is a convenient and fast option for your small business.


Thinking local is more convenient. You’ve probably used them before or know someone who has. You can check their local reputation and conveniently meet a representative if you need to.

If you need to drop by their office or have them drop by your place, it’s straight forward. A convenient location helps oil the wheels of logistics.

Local Knowledge

The local courier has local knowledge. That helps with problem-solving many logistics issues. Issues like traffic, weather, events, and challenging to find locations all benefit from local knowledge.

More Reliability

It’s so common to hear of misplaced packages and delayed delivery that it gives package delivery services a bad name. Customers lose confidence, and successful businesses are hampered.

These days, package tracking offers you the facility to follow your package through the delivery service process. It can provide some confidence, but is it always justified?

Having a message telling you that your package has entered a distribution center or arrived at an address can seem like useful information. What is often hidden is the reality of a damaged package or misdirected delivery. The local courier service doesn’t suffer any of this miss-information.

A local courier is a much more reliable means of delivering both your package and your promise. It’s the best way to make sure that your customer gets their delivery.

Less Damage

Local courier services don’t use large anonymous warehouses or distribution centers. Packages don’t get thrown about by automated sort systems. They don’t get hurled into bins and totes.

All this package handling makes conventional delivery services more likely to damage your item. A local courier is more likely to pick up your package and deliver it in the same condition you gave it to them.

Strong Relationships

The best business is done when relationships are good. Trust, effective communication, shared values, and delivering on promises as it the core of a local courier business ethos.

When you are dealing with a local business, they can add a personal touch. You can get to know the people you are working with, and they can get to know you.

It’s that knowledge of the people, their names, and their faces that is so special. From this familiarity can develop trust and commitment to supporting each other. The business becomes a joint venture and exceeding customer expectations becomes the mutual interest.

Local Couriers Are Cost-Effective

If you have local deliveries to fulfill, you might consider doing the deliveries yourself. Think about what that entails.

Running a small fleet of delivery vehicles can get very expensive. Fuel, maintenance, and capital costs can make running this service prohibitive.

Managing a local delivery service isn’t your primary business. You’ll find that with the administration, regulation, manpower, and engineering issues, it can soon take over. You’ll wonder how a local courier service can run profitably.

The reason that local courier services can be a viable business is that they spread the costs over a more extensive fleet than you need for your deliveries—the economies of scale work in their favor.

A local courier service is also focused on their business. They have the expertise and experience to deliver excellent service for you and turn a profit too.

Focus on What’s Important

Another great reason to use a local courier service rather than make delivery an in-house operation is that it allows you to focus on what’s important. Your core activity is what your customers value you for. If you are distracted by doing non-core activities such as deliveries, you risk losing that focus.

Let the local courier focus on what they do well. Their business is about delivering your package. You should focus on your core business and meet your customer expectations in that department.

Count on Quick Delivery Service

What’s the main reason businesses use a courier service? It’s all about speed.

Same-day or even quicker is achievable by local courier service. Fast delivery makes it possible to meet production deadlines, react to customer demand, and compete in a tight market.

Having confidence that whatever other problems you or your customer might have, at least you know the parcel will get through quickly. It means that you can make more use of demanding production schedules, turnaround tight windows of opportunity, and be flexible.

High-Quality Standards

Your courier represents you to your customers. You need them to deliver your parcel and your brand with equal quality. Customers don’t distinguish between you and your courier service.

Using a reliable local courier makes it more likely that you can assure the customer that both your product and your delivery standards are high. Don’t trust your delivery to a faceless mail system with delay or erratic delivery standards. A courier can deliver quickly, on time and to customer expectation.

Imagine the difference from a customer perspective. A conventional package delivery service might offer your customer a delivery window of several days. They might be asked to expect delivery in 5 to 10 days.

A premium service might improve this to 1 to 3 days but provide a very un-impressive service experience. Contrast this with an offer to send it over to the customer by lunchtime.

A courier service can make your customers very happy. Whether it’s to a local address or one across the country, courier service is quality service.

Choose a Local Courier

All these reasons for choosing a local courier amount to a business case. Choosing a local courier is also a quick delivery service that helps reduce your stress. As a small business owner or manager, that has to be the best reason of all.

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