As brick-and-mortar stores struggle to compete with e-commerce marketplaces, one thing is clear: Delivery is king. Customers want their packages as soon as possible and at the lowest possible price.

And it doesn’t get any cheaper than a same-day courier service. If your company lacks a same-day service or uses one of the bigger guys, it may be time to consider a local courier. They have more benefits than you may think.

Need some convincing? Here are the top 5 reasons your company should use a same-day courier.

1. Better Reliability

Enterprise-sized delivery services operate within a logistical nightmare. What does this mean for you and your package? It simply can’t receive the personal care required to ensure your package arrives in one piece.

Consider, for example, the processing and distribution centers. This is the first stop for any package going through a traditional delivery company, even if you’ve opted for same-day service.

It’s here where some of the most callous mistakes take place. Parcels can become lost or damaged in this labyrinthian maze of conveyor belts and machinery.

Even worse, sometimes these major delivery services rely on smaller third-parties to finish the process. Every time a package changes hands, there’s another opportunity for damage and delivery delays.

By taking advantage of a same-day courier service, your package will avoid these dangerous environments. How? A personal carrier will pick up and delivery your parcels.

It’s as simple as that. No changing hands. No massive distribution centers.

2. Greater Customer Satisfaction

When customers think “fast,” they think same-day shipping. In fact, around a quarter of consumers abandon their online shopping carts when same-day shipping isn’t an option. If you want to provide better customer services, same-day shipping is a no-brainer.

But you don’t want it from just anyone. Many large companies struggle to deliver standard mail in a timely fashion, so how are they going to guarantee a same-day delivery?

After auditors examined a distribution center in Richmond, Va, they discovered weeks-old that had yet to be sent out the door. In total, about 156 million parcels were late for delivery. That’s more than a tenth of its total annual output.

Late deliveries don’t satisfy customers — especially not if they pay extra for the prompt service. If you want to impress your customers with same-day delivery options, rely on a local courier rather than the big guys. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Reduced Inventory Expenses

Small and large e-commerce businesses have to contend with inventory costs. These may take the form of an outsourced warehouse, storage unit, or an extra room at the office.

Don’t have same-day shipping? Then you’re spending more on inventory expenses then you need to.

The ability to sell your merchandise right away ensures you won’t amass a large volume of packages waiting for a delivery. A same-day courier will streamline your inventory and warehouse, efficiently circulating your volume.

The more customers who take advantage of this service, the better. You’ll cut down on inventory-related expenses by downsizing to a smaller warehouse, cutting storage units, or making better use of the square footage in your home office.

4. Improved Margins

Yes, a same-day delivery will cost you more than the standard window of five to seven days. However, it’s standard practice to charge customers for shipping expenses. You don’t stand to lower your margins with the addition of this service.

In fact, you can even raise them. Customers in desperate need of your merchandise are willing to pay more. That’s a simple fact.

Although it’s illegal to upcharge delivery costs, you can sell your products at a premium price point to compensate. After all, same-day delivery is a premium service.

There are two ways to improve business margins. You can either raise your prices, as we’ve just explained, or reduce your expenses. And believe it or not, a same-day courier can help you do both.

Enterprise-sized delivery services have a variety of rules when it comes to high volume shipping. For example, they may require that you ship several dozens of parcels all at once. Otherwise, they’ll charge you a small fortune for delivering each individually.

But small same-day couriers often don’t have these requirements. What does that mean for you? Cheaper shipping expenses and, therefore, improved margins. Opting for a premium service can actually make your company more money.

5. More Competitive

We’ve already established that the average customer prioritizes same-day delivery services. Knowing that, let’s look at a hypothetical situation.

You and your competitor both sell the same product at the same price. How do you convince potential customers to buy your merchandise over your competitor’s?

That’s right: By offering superior delivery options. If you offer same-day delivery and your competitor doesn’t, customers seeking the fastest delivery time are more likely to purchase from you instead.

This is more than a one-time purchase. By turning a non-paying consumer into a paying customer, you’ve just pushed them through a customer conversion. As long as they’re happy with the product, there are good odds they’ll continue to work with your company rather than giving the competitor a try.

Select a Same-Day Courier

From better costs to happier customers, businesses of all sizes can benefit from a same-day courier. Sure, you can find same-day delivery services from traditional companies, but these are often more expensive and can’t offer the same personal care as a smaller courier.

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