Now that you have established the best way to ship your car parts is through a business courier, how do you find the right one? Car parts are usually heavy, susceptible to damage and irregularly shaped, which makes shipping them quite tricky.

This means you have to be super careful about the company you allow to ship such expensive parts. With more than an overwhelming 70,000 courier services to choose from, you need to ask the right questions in order to find the right business courier for your auto parts.

In this post, we’ll outline 7 of the most important questions you need to ask potential business courier services. You cannot afford to make a mistake here because there’s a lot on the line you risk losing.

1. What’s Your Industry Experience?

Courier services are extremely complex, and the team has to work together to ensure deliveries are met. Any slip-ups could translate to delay costs on your part.

When shipping delicate and fragile items that could be damaged while on transit, such as auto parts, you need a well-established and reliable car courier service. You’ll be putting an important part of your business in the hands of someone else, so you need to ensure they are trustworthy.

Industry experience is important because you want a company that handles car parts on a regular basis. Check how long they have been in business, whether they are adequately insured, and how well they are rated on review websites such as the Better Business Bureau. You can also check their customer reviews online and see whether past clients were satisfied with their services.

2. How Reliable Are Your Drivers?

This is critical because the drivers will be responsible for your goods in transit. Observe how the drivers look, how well the vehicles are maintained, and whether they wear uniforms. Do uniforms really matter?

Yes, because it’s an indication of professionalism and shows that the company takes its business very seriously. Even the tiniest details can say a lot about a company.

It’s crucial for all their drivers to have licenses and full insurance in case of mishaps. Inquire about the training they have undergone to understand how safe your auto parts will be.

3. What Tech Do You Use?

Technology has transformed all sectors, and the logistics industry is no different. Tech allows car courier services to make prompt and accurate deliveries and makes it possible for customers to track their orders in transit. When selecting a business courier for your car parts, you need to find out everything you can about the technology they use.

Can you place your order online or via phone? Do they provide real-time arrival estimates? Will they send you confirmation texts or emails? What about proof of delivery?

All these questions will help you understand how seamless the whole process is bound to be for you.

4. What Are Your Package Restrictions?

When it comes to business couriers, you’ll find that most have package restrictions. For instance, some may not deal with perishables, while others may refuse to handle things like batteries. Ensure that they can handle anything you may ship in your line of business to avoid problems later on.

Beyond that, ask about weight restrictions, given that auto parts can be quite heavy. Consider the fact that you could expand your business in the future and have a need for larger shipments.

Is this a courier company that can grow with you? How big is their fleet? Are they likely to meet all your demands on time?

5. What Are Your Actual Prices?

With such high competition, you’ll find that most courier services have very competitive prices. The last thing you want is a sticker shock, so inquire about their pricing structure, and what gives them an edge over their competitors. Depending on how regularly you intend to use the service, you undoubtedly want to stay within your budget.

Ensure they have no hidden fees, such as fuel surge charges. If a company is not transparent about their pricing from the word go, then you’re bound to have problems later on.

6. How Do You Resolve Issues?

Talking about problems, how does the company handle disagreements or issues that arise? Call their customer services and see how responsive and helpful they are before you become their customer. How will they stay in touch with you, and what’s the best way for you to contact them in real-time if you have a problem?

Suppose bad weather delays your package, how will they let you know that it’ll not arrive on time? How do they respond to incorrect delivery details? What is their standard response to problems? Do they have guarantees?

If they promise 3-day deliveries, will that be accurate? Do they mean 3 days or less? Do they mean precisely three days, or could that extend to 4 or even 5 days? Do they have a courier express for fast deliveries?

7. How Safe Are Your Shipments?

With couriers, you need to know how well they handle packages during sorting, loading, and unloading. Their trucks should be secure enough to avoid shifting, and they should have insurance against damages. Ask what measures the company takes to ensure packages are safe throughout the whole process.

Outsource Business Courier Services With Confidence

Outsourcing your deliveries to a business courier is beneficial as you can save time and money. However, it would be best if you asked some serious questions to ensure you’re hiring the right company. Companies with courier express can be especially beneficial when you need your car parts delivered the same day.

Courier companies are also flexible, with some of them working round the clock to ensure urgent packages arrive on time. At Xpedited delivery and logistics, we believe in timely delivery services and quality services for our customers. Get in touch with us for a quote or schedule a consultation so we can discuss how we can help get your products on time.